Yoanna Ayers

Polish mezzo-soprano and vocalist

Born in Cracow, she spent the last ten years in the Caucasus, in Georgia.


Yoanna promotes the music of Konstanty Gorski, a widely forgotten Polish composer and violinist – virtuoso who lived and performed in Georgia in the 19th century. She initiated and co-created jazz arrangements of the songs that Gorski had composed to the words of Polish poets. She sings these songs with the piano accompaniment.

She also sings Gorski’s religious music – accompanied by violin, organ and a choir.

Yoanna specialises in Georgian music. She sings Georgian traditional songs, accompanying herself on a traditional Georgian instrument called ‘chonguri’. She performs Georgian classical songs and operatic arias from 19th and 20th centuries. Currently, she is working on a programme with undiscovered songs by Georgian composers in arrangements involving traditional Georgian instruments. She also collaborates with Georgian contemporary composers.

Apart from this, she is working on a CD in Russian language – with unknown songs composed to the poems by Alexander Pushkin.

Recently, she has been exploring contemporary music. In 2017-2018, she was involved in the international project New Music Incubator, with which she appeared with her own composition at the “Warsaw Autumn” Festival and during the Session of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance in Brussels.

Jazz and Polish indie songs are also close to her heart. In 2018, she recorded a song inspired by the finest contemporary Polish Jewish writer, Bruno Schulz, in a duo with the song’s author, Jerzy Michał Bożyk, a legend of Cracow jazz.

Yoanna performs this diverse repertoire in eight languages: in Polish, Georgian, Mingrelian, Russian, English, French, German and Latin. Apart from native Polish, she speaks fluent English, Russian and French, and she communicates in Georgian.

More information about Yoanna’s recent music projects can be found in the photo gallery.

Socio-cultural activities

Yoanna is also active in the social spheres. In Tbilisi, she organises music and cultural activities with the aim of strengthening ties between Georgia and Poland. In 2018, she initiated and run a series of events promoting the works of Konstanty Gorski in Georgia. The project was implemented by TAK! Association from Cracow, where Yoanna is a Board Member, in cooperation with Tbilisi-based Polish diaspora organisations; and funded by the Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland. As part of the project, Yoanna organised a gala concert on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence, which turned out to be the largest event of the Polish diaspora in Caucasus. Currently, Yoanna – together with TAK! Association – conducts next activities aimed at promoting the music of Konstanty Gorski. As part of it, she has created the brand Discover Gorski.


Yoanna has graduated from:
2010-2015 Sarajshvili State Conservatory in Tbilisi, Georgia, Vocal Studies (4-year BA)
2011-2013 Sarajshvili State Conservatory in Tbilisi, Georgia, Comparative Study in Georgian and Abkhaz Music (2-year postgraduate diploma course)
2007-2008 City Lit College, Jazz Department (part-time courses)
2007-2008 London School of Economics and Political Science, Government Department (MSc in Comparative Polics – Conflict Studies)
2003-2006 Tischner European University in Cracow (BA in International Relations)
1994-2003 State Music Schools 1st and 2nd degree in Cracow (solo singing and piano)

Apart from this, she constantly develops her skills during music and theatre masterclasses (Royal Academy of Music in London, National Theatre in London, Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”, New Music Incubator in Warsaw and Brussels, National Cultural Center’s training for theatre animators in Radziejowice).
In her vocal self-development, she constantly explores the interrelations between the body, voice and imagination.

Why Georgia?

Yoanna has enjoyed living in Georgia because of her passion for the Georgian music. And above all, for her beloved professor of singing – a famous vocal coach throughout Caucasus, Prof. Guliko Kariauli.
When starting her studies at the Tbilisi Conservatory, she was aready working in her first profession – as a political scientist specialising in conflicts in Caucasus. She worked in the press office of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia, which was created as a result of the war in 2008. Just when the war broke out, Yoanna was studying in London and completing her master’s thesis on the conflicts in Caucasus. By that time, she had visited Georgia repeatedly as part of research and development projects.

“When working in Georgia, I missed making music very much. That’s why I started looking for a singing teacher. And after many attempts I managed to get to the most respected, Prof. Guliko Kariauli.” She first had the idea that Yoanna should audition to study at the Sarajishvili State Conservatory in Tbilisi.

“Lessons with Guliko were a complete revelation for me, so I did not hesitate to take up his suggestion” – she recalls. Once at the Conservatory, she graduated from the Vocal-Acting Department and also completed a postgraduate course in Georgian and Abkhaz traditional music. “In Georgia, nearly everybody sings, people can sing folk songs from childhood and moreover, they can also sing many other songs in three types of voices. Therefore, no one at the Conservatory was surprised that first I had an opera singing class on the second floor and then I went to the fourth floor, where I learnt traditional songs, like lullabies, working songs or songs to the Sun.

Thanks to these lessons, I became a full-fledged participant at traditional Georgian feasts, at which singing is an important part”, she describes. Yoanna also carries out musical-ethnographic research in the remote mountainous regions of Georgia. “I am fond of learning songs from the local people, for whom music is an inseparable element of their lives; people who do not know notes and who have learnt these songs from their grandmothers and grandfathers. Their music is truly authentic.”

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