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“Yoanna Ayers promotes the music of Konstanty Gorski” (interview for Radio Poland, 31.05.2019)

“Yoanna Ayers speaks about her commitment to promoting the music of Konstanty Gorski. Conversation of Halina Ostas [listen on line]

25 June 2019
“Wonderful concerts with the music of Konstanty Gorski” (Radio Poland, 26.10.2018)

“Yoanna Ayers, a well-known singer, speaks about the music of Konstanty Gorski, his achievements and wonderful concerts with his music

10 May 2019
Gorski’s Polish Songs – premiere in Tbilisi

Imagine: walking through the fields of crops in the lowlands of Poland; round-dancing to the loss of breathe in a

19 November 2018
Yoanna Ayers

A singer, musician, music producer, folk tale narrator and researcher of Georgian traditional songs. The “Bruno S.” music video is

25 October 2013
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