New Music Incubator / 60. Warsaw Autumn Festival

In September 2017, Yoanna became a member of the international project called New Music Incubator. 20 professional classical and non-classical performers, composers and sound artists from 11 European countries were selected by the Swedish contemporary music composer and curator of this collaboration, Martin Q Larsson.

Yoanna met all the other invited artists in Konstancin, south of Warsaw, in the residency of the Authors’ Association ZAiKS. Next couple of days were filled with a musical collaboration, experiments and creating together new compositions. Every day the musicians worked in the new groups and created new works, which were premiered on the same evening in the framework of closed concerts. They collectively employed a range of approaches to music and sound production including improvisation, composition and sound art.

On the final day of this creative session, the group performed a final concert as a fringe event at the 60th edition of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music.

New Music Incubator Konstancin was organized in collaboration with the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance and Warsaw Autumn Festival, with the support from Nordic Council of Ministers, ZAiKS and Creative Europe.

From Yoanna’s Facebook memoire:

Since Monday I’ve been participating in the New Music Incubator – an amazing meeting of 20 musicians, composers and sound artists from 11 countries. Each day we meet in the morning and find out with whom we are going to collaborate today. Tomorrow morning we will also meet and decide what we are going to do. And at 4 pm you will be able to see the results of our work at the Warsaw Autumn Festival. Join us!

Photos by Marcin Szymański

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