Interviews and reviews:

Interview for – interview by Jagoda Dobrzyńska (14.03.2021)
“Music is viewed differently in Georgia” – Journey Without a Passport Podcast (17.01.2022)
brzmienie_swiata_z_lotu_drozda “About Georgia and the power of music” – Sound of the World from the Flight of a Thrush Podcast (29.08.2020)
“Yoanna Ayers promotes the music of Konstanty Gorski” (interview for Radio Poland, 31.05.2019)
“Wonderful concerts with the music of Konstanty Gorski” (Radio Poland, 26.10.2018)
“A Corridor between Asia and Europe”. Yoanna Ayers speaks about life in Georgia (interview for, 26.10.2018)
‘If virtual life is not enough for you, come to Georgia’ – interview by Nana Chanturia (Ialkani, 2015)
Live interview on Georgian TV (14.04.2015)
‘Anchiskhati – the feast for a soul’ (, 3 maja 2014)
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